Wednesday, December 9

Share your talent(s)

Something funny happened on the way to posting my weekly blog. In the wee hours, while surfing the 'net for ideas on a new project I'm starting in January, I came across a project that took priority over my ride report from Sunday.

Since most of those who ride two wheels and blog also take photographs to enrich both the riding and blogging, I thought I'd share this find with you.


Update: It's late in the project. Some locations may need volunteers to do all sort of things other than--and in addition to--taking the portraits. Your help may be needed to hold lights or help entertain the children getting their picture taken. Check your location for the Help-Portrait Project in your area to determine their need.


cpa3485 said...

That's a great idea

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Jim, I like it too and am considering doing some like that more than just the holiday season. Perhaps like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Veterans' Day--the list is endless.

irondad said...

I'll look it up and give it a go. By the way, I saw your comment on Bobskoot's blog about starting a photo blog. I had planned on doing a similar thing. Shoot me an e-mail at

if you would. Don't want to duplicate what you are doing and make it look like a copycat!

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sojourner (Sharon);

Sometimes a picture can really inspire a person to move... At a time when movement may not seem possible, yet be desperately needed.

For those who are interested, Leslie (my hot squeeze also know as Stiffie) has a near daily photo-blog at:

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...


Were you able to find out if your area had any portrait activities going on?

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Jack, thanks for the link. I spent some time there and really like what I saw!

irondad said...

The nearest I found was a little over two hundred miles away. Decided not to go that far. There are things I can do for folks in my own area.

Maybe the project will grow?

Anonymous said...


Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Dan, sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this...There were some thing going on in the city and in a few suburbs near my house. I had great intentions but ended up my back went out! I could barely walk that day so I didn't show up anywhere. I've actually been nursing a weak back and have sort of falling off schedule on things. I'm slowly getting back on track!

Happy New Year!