Wednesday, August 1

Cleaner than the Board of Health!

Took Queenie in for a safety check before the big trip. While there, I saw a red, and I mean RED, 2004 BMW R1150R.

The owner, a collector, accessorized the bike in unique ways and in doing so he used only high quality, expensive parts for the modifications. I could tell by looking at it, that he left no stone unturned--even those ordinarily ugly plastic oil containers have been transformed into art. He's clearly given attention to every detail of the bike. To make his vision for the bike real, he had to import some of the bike's farkles and the result is a bike that looks more European BMW than American BMW. It is meticulous and unblemished. And, this is a bike that has been ridden. I think it had 14,000 miles on it. The lines of the lower fairing are one of a kind. Down to the screws, the bike is extraordinary. It looks brand new. His asking price is, well, pricey, and clearly aimed at recoup some of his investment in this work of sheer beauty. I hear, however, that he's building a new house and unloading some of his garage holdings. Hmmm... I wonder how far south he's willing to go on the price 'cause I'm willing to take this off his hands.