Monday, December 3

("Da-Nile") isn't just a river in Egypt...

Saturday, I had great intentions but where does that get one, right? Chicago was bracing for its first snow storm and I still hadn't taken the 'cycle in. Interestingly, it was around this same time in 2006 that I ended my riding season. Then, I was able to ride until December 2--the day before the big December 3rd snow storm. Thus, almost one year to the day, I found myself in a similar position. My plan this time? Rise early, take the long cut to Motoworks--as a symbolic final ride, a sort of closure--and store Queenie for the winter season.

I was bright-eyed by 3 a.m.-- as some of my kin would say--"too early to be doing anything outside that is legal!" With hours to spare before the shop opened, I reached over, retrieved a book and lost myself in reading. After a few hours, I did some 'net searching and then returned to my book. By then seven hours had elapsed and I was getting drowsy. Took an hour nap and prepared to leave. Then some odd compulsion forced me to actually want to clean the kitchen before I left.

According to the weather report, the storm was due in by 2pm. Plenty of time, I figured. Then a phone call. The conversation re-energized me though it lasted way too long. I glanced out of the window and watched new snow falling. It was an hour earlier than predicted--ok, I know weather forecasting isn't an exact science. But still...Seeing the snow fall, a sigh of relief enveloped me...I wouldn't take the bike in. Like that's going to prevent the winter from happening? Like that's going to somehow extend the riding season? Denial--just delaying the inevitable. If I had left at that moment, I still could have taken the bike in without much risk. Denial. Instead, I dressed warmly, loaded up the camera and took a long walk in the snow.

On my way out, I passed Queenie. Forgive the anthropomorphizing, but she had a sad, pathetic look of pleading that seemed directed at me. It seemed to shout, "TIME TO STORE ME!"

Now, I'm hoping for at least one decent riding day within the next week or so to take Queenie in, perhaps, spend the winter with her buddies. Last year, she sat near one red and one yellow (couple owned) Suzuki SV650s, in a vast room replete with newish and vintage BMWs.

Clearly, I'm the only one in denial here. The season is over.

Let the planning for the new season begin!