Monday, January 7

Weather report: BALMY!

Major snow melt here this weekend! Unseasonably warm weather propelled many folks outdoors. Yesterday's temp's reached above 60 degrees F! Chicago. January. Sixty-degrees. That's rarer than good thinking from the current political administration--IMHO. Had I kept Queenie a bit longer, this would have been a riding weekend like no other! Sunday was beyond warm! Some shoppers strolled the "Mag Mile" coatless while I sweated bullets in mine.

Blue skies, however, have been in short supply! Typically, the last few days have started with dense fog and tiny patches of blue trying to peek through as the fog dissipates. A blue sky, however, has failed to show its full self in days. Am I the only one looking this gift horse in the mouth? While I thoroughly enjoyed this miracle from Mother Nature, I can't ignore Mother Nature's heavy hand in other places. Look at what is transpiring elsewhere (e.g., parts of California, Nevada, Florida, the Pacific Northwest and in regions abroad). Weather-related problems are running the gamut too--from torrential rains, winds above 70 mph, and massive snowfalls. As Marvin Gayle croons, "What's going on?"

Number of motorcycle spottings this weekend: Two. A couple of lucky ducks in full bike-matching riding gear, sporting Suzuki crotch-rockets. I took their engine revving personally! While I had a camera with me, they were going too fast, it was too dark, and the unmistakable 'cycle sounds sent me into an an envy-induced paralysis. Seriously! I had assumed the pain of withdrawal was over. Nah. It lurks right beneath the skin, ever ready to spring forth (pun intended).