Tuesday, July 31

No ST ride, No Sleep, and No skates

Well, I didn’t get to ride the BMW R1200ST. The man who promised to buy it finally showed up and took it off the dealer’s hands. Boo-hoo! I met a woman at the BMW Rally who generously offered me a ride on hers. I just might take her up on that. I hate that BMW discontinued the bike. Wonder what’s in store to replace it?

The insomnia has started. I’ve strange sleeping habits to start with, so it doesn’t take much for sleeplessness to kick in. I’m already walking around zombie-like because I can’t settle down to sleep longer than a few hours at a time. As I’ve said before, I see this as part of the trip process for me. I’m preoccupied with thoughts about all the things I need to complete before I leave, the excitement of leaving, you name it.

No inline skates on the trip. More Boo-hooing. I will miss many scenic opportunities to skate in regions near Lake Superior. Riding a motorcycle isn’t the most aerobic outlet. Thus, skating would have ensured some heart-pumping activity on the trip. But alas,…they take up more space than I can spare. I’ll have to settle for taking a jump rope to launch each day and my hiking boots to explore Canada’s plentiful provincial parks.

I have three hours before heading off to work. I’m going to try again to get some shut-eye…