Tuesday, April 17

Interesting "trips" with Blogger Buddies...

Over the weekend, I visited a fellow motorcycle blogger's site and had an unexpected treat. DBrent Miller's Sojourn Chronicles is a neat place to tool around any day. He offers lots of entertaining motorcycle fare. On my last visit, I not only read an excellent review of Carla King's American Borders (I swear, I'm going to post my own review soon--I only finished it in February!!). Beyond the review, Miller presents the real thing. He has a podcast interview with "the" Carla King and it's a wonderful way to hear the two talk travel, motorcycles and the challenges of both. How cool is that?! Listen to it--it's fun! You'd miss a lot, however, if you restrict your visit to two wheeling. Miller's site is multi-layered, proffering great views on small towns, photography--wonderful photography, even stories about people and places as far away as Malawi. And of course, Miller's excellent writing keeps things interesting. I'm not just saying this because he's a fellow moto blogger and he visits me on occasion. I'm saying this because Miller has created a great place to hang out. Period.

Crusty The Biker is one of those friends from whom you'll always get the straight, honest answer whether you want it or not. As my late father would say, "He doesn't bite his tongue--he'll tell you like it is, like it was, and like it's gonna be." Read Crusty's advice on motorcycle maintenance and you'll know you're in the hands of a master. I trust his expertise and therefore his advice. Like DBrent Miller, Crusty is a map lover. Do all motorcyclists love pouring over atlases and maps? I sure do. I received one of my favorite freebies from reading a blog entry on travel and maps that Crusty did some time ago. He has tons of interesting favorites on his site that you should not miss. Crusty would be the first to say, he's not a gadget man. He uses technology because he has to and because he knows, on some level, it's supposed to make his work easier but he'll tell you about those times when technology has made his work far more arduous than it needs to be. In any case, his is another place I like to visit. Check him out and get smarter about taking care of your bike too.

Carla King is omnipresent. Not only has she been in the forefront of motorcycle blogging, she's been on two wheels a long time. She too knows a lot about bikes and is an intrepid solo traveler. While Carla may have met some roads she didn't like, I don't think she's met a motorcycle she hasn't been willing to test in some challenging, interesting way. Her enthusiasm for taking on roads in faraway places is contagious. She's a good role model--a young Ardys Kellerman! I read American Borders with an atlas at my side and with her keen descriptions and ethnographic eye, Carla kept me on the edge of my seat. No one can tell me I wasn't her riding companion on that trip! Now, in addition to her regular hang outs, Motorcycle Misadventures and American Borders, you can visit Carla at OpenRoad.TV -- sort of an odd name, but it works. Read about these folks and you'll be impressed. Carla is the moderator/host of the motorcycle forum, where you can share, learn and find out all you want to know about two-wheeling in the American West. After reading Carla's book and Neil Peart's, Ghost Rider: Travels Along the Healing Road, I've felt the urgent call to "Go West young [woman]!"

"I get by with a little help from my friends." Thanks.


The weather here promises to be at least 70F and above by the weekend. I smell a trip coming up! See you on the road.