Wednesday, August 15

Tuesday’ Ride: Another Dispatch on my Lake Superior trek


More gorgeous weather on Wednesday. The ride from MN to WI and then into MI was spectacular. By now, I thought the rolling hills, amazing postcard views and clear air would be routine but that is far from the truth. I can’t get enough of this. All the other things will make you long for home.

Yesterday I began the push towards home. I rode roughly 255 miles of straight through riding. Look at the links, although they don’t do justice to the ride, you can at least see how far north I rode.

I started near Duluth, MN in Proctor, from there back to Duluth—a hop, skip and a jump away. I had to visit the famous Aerostich “wearhouse”—definitely worth the short backtrack. From Duluth, I headed to Hwy 2 until reaching Hwy 13, which I took to Red Cliff, WI, home of the Red Cliff Band of Chippewa Indians. My next ride carried me through the quaint town of Bayfield, WI, where I fought off hunger with a bottle of Energy Sobe and a banana.

From Bayfield one goes through the town of Washburn. I hopped back on Hwy 2 east to Ashland, WI where I continued to Ironwood, which put me back into Michigan. Rode Hwy 2 until a split near Wakefield, WI where I pick up MI state highway 28 and follow it northeasterly to MI-64 north to Silver City. It was an interesting little detour from Bergland, MI, north to Silver City, which allowed for great views. Although this added about an hour to my plans, the peaceful riding was great—talk about a quiet road. From Silver City it is a fine, fine ride to Ontonagon, MI. Highway 26 takes me to my next resting place in Houghton. I arrived tired and decided to settle in at a Best Western hotel in Hancock, MI “across the bridge.” For the most part, I was in the saddle over 9 hours of which more than seven was actual riding. The roads were fun, challenging and diverse enough to keep me alert. Long stretches of total isolation (miles of not seeing another vehicle) and a few miles of construction but nothing major.

Now I long from home…

Something has bitten me and I have an attractive, spreading rash.

Two motorcycle riders, in full “uniform” (shaven head, covered by do-rag, leather vest, portly, tattoos (think Del Fuegos, from the movie “Wild Hogs”) give me a scare but turn out to be really nice

Every time I stretch, I get major charley horses in both leg muscles that bring tears to my eyes and wake me up during the night.

Underwear count, down to two pairs

Tired of slow, iffy wireless Internet connections.

Tired of beds shared by thousands of strangers.

Still, I wouldn’t change a think.

Nevertheless, it’s to start heading home…