Thursday, January 4

A Three-Wheeled Ride and a B&B for Motorcyclists


It's funny to me that the Piaggio three-wheeled scooter --a really cute machine--is being touted as a ride for the "young and hip." I am neither. I don't want to be a motorcycle snob, but "young and hip"? I would never ride a scooter by choice. A scooter is something I'll reluctantly embrace when I'm just too old and the accumulated rust in my leg joint refuses to swing over my 31.5 inches seat height SV650. Still, I'm glad cute scooters are becoming de rigueur and that some have robust displacements and can hold their own on the highways and allow one to travel great distances. Every car I've owned has been a stick shift; I love my bikes that way too!

May my joints never fail me!

While reading Road Runner: Motorcycle Cruising & Touring (one of my absolute favorite magazines) an ad for caught my attention. Went to their website, read testimonials, loved the idea being able to stay with liked-minded riders while out there on the road. All around, this sounds great, right? Then why the next day, after feeling really excited about this network, did I experience tremendous dread about this as a viable option for me? Rather than spout off the top of my head what's now bugging me about this service, I will give this deeper thought. For most people, I'm convinced that motorcycle-travel net will be a great addition to one's travel comfort--just as the testimonials confirm. My anxieties are my own prison. I'll try to articulate them in words so that even I can understand me better. I hope I can convey here what's the matter now!

(to be continued...)