Thursday, June 26

The Evils of Technology!

I have suffered a major computer disaster. A few weeks prior, I had a hard drive failure. The costs of recovering the data from the hard drive would require taking on a second job--it was my backup drive! The computer is in the shop and I won't have a diagnosis for two weeks. While I debate repairing it or just getting another one, I am forced to work with a couple of dinosaurs that are temperamental and slow. One of them treats photos as foreign objects to be routinely blocked no matter how friendly I define them. The other, handles pictures well but is so slow I can turn it on, shower, eat breakfast and it is still revving up.

A post I wrote a couple of days ago is now locked on the dying or dead computer. Bear with me as I sort out which of my remaining systems will cooperate enough to get a post out.

I am heading to Amherstburg, Ontario soon and hope to be up and running by then.

Ride safe! Ride smart!