Saturday, September 9

The SV goes grocery shopping!

I detest grocery shopping. In a nutshell, that's why I do it around 3:30 a.m. and definitely before 5:00 a.m. That way, I avoid hordes of people, wailing children, playing bumper carts, express line violators, and pushers--those "cooks" that geniunely want you to eat stuff they've made on the spot in hopes that you'll eat it, take the coupon and buy the "food" they're pushing. NEVER! And, did I say the hordes of people? But the disadvantage of going in the wee hours is that I become an interloper.

The folks whose job is to stock shelves, clean floors, rearranged aisles, typically do not like to see me coming. I am in the way. I've sauntered in around 3:30 a.m. where the floors are in the midst of being shined, aisles are impassable because they are loaded with towering boxes and those mammoth metal monsters that hoist stuff. Navigating a shopping cart is a perilous eye-opener. The workers are listening to a boom-box and chatting among themselves (sometimes using un-customer-friendly language). When they look up and see me, I can tell that I've come upon something I'm not supposed to. But hey, I need food and toilet paper. Believe me, it is safer for humanity that I go at 3:30 a.m. than to go when everyone else and their mother goes.

Well, my wee hour shopping times might be over! Today, I took the SV with me. It's amazing what a cheap plastic crate will carry. Actually, it's a deterrant from buying too much, which is a good thing for someone like moi who tends to throw out more than I consume. Today is Saturday. I bought enough to last me for the next five days easy!

The really great thing about shopping on the SV is that the to and fro turned out to be a most pleasant trip. I didn't even go straight home, which was the high point! I went for a short ride! Never in my previous history of grocery shopping via car or on foot have I taken a spontaneous detour just for the fun of it. This new routine just might make me enjoy grocery shopping--no, that's not gonna happen! But!... at least I can look forward to my post-grocery shopping reward. A five mile jaunt to the store can easily turn into a 50 mile detour on the way home. Posted by Picasa