Thursday, January 18 crazy friend and one converted friend...

My friend Lucas, who was a guest blogger here and wrote about his trip to Tobermory, Ontario, has ruptured something in his brain--in a good way--he's cooked up an idea on doing a Saddlesore with a twist. He knows I've been planning one for the upcoming season. The Saddlesore, is 1000 miles in under 24 hours, the shortest distance to earn one the title of "World's Toughest Motorcycle Riders." I don't want to give out any details--we actually don't have any yet-because the plan is so novel that it just might earn us fame and fortune. That, in IRB terms translates into: a certificate, signature license plate and membership in this small, but growing group of long distance motorcycle riders.

If great-grandmother Ardys Kellerman can ride 80,000 miles in six months, complete 4 IRBs (that's 11,000 miles in 11 days) and 4 back-to-back Saddlesores (that's 1000 miles on four consecutive days) then surely I can finish a 1000 mile jaunt in less than 24 hours.

What I love about the IRB is that it defies logic. Some might think that the key to distance riding is speed. It is not. It is safe, consistent and strategic riding that wins the rally. In fact, speeding slows you down--get a ticket and you'll be stuck there waiting for a police officer to write you a ticket. When it comes to an IRB, think: slow--relatively speaking-- and steady wins the rally.

My dear friend, I'll call her EM, who now resides in NC is going to take a MSF course in the spring! She was bitten sometime ago. Once when visiting me, she spotted a little bumblebee colored Kawasaki Ninja 250 and she hasn't been the same since. When I first saw her sit on a bike, I could swear her eyes twinkled. She's got that sport bike look about her: medium height, slender build and muscular legs. Living in NC, she will get to ride her bike year 'round! How wonderful is that?! I'm as eager for her class to commence as I was for my own class to start. I promise to be a good moto role model for her. I will demand that she be ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time)--but I don't think that will require much convincing. She's also very smart.