Saturday, April 22

The Sena Prism Tube Action Cam at NIGHT--and YouTube

Note to self: Research some Blogger alternatives.

Decided to test the little Sena Prism Tube at night. I'm still enjoying it and the night jaunt only made my fondness grow. Its simplicity trumps  er...let me change that word...its simplicity has won me over. The camera's shortcomings are too few to worry me (e.g., making sure it's aligned, which requires some guesswork; the annoying wind noise; and, my protruding helmet in the camera view).
Really, though, those are user issues--nothing to do with the camera. The snap-and-go is what makes it work for me. I'm still fiddling, still trying out some of the microphones I've amassed over the years, still looking for one of the little wind curtain that comes with purchasing a Nolan helmet. Still needing to get on the rode for a nice spring trip.

Here's a slice of a night ride. To me, the Sena Prism Tube passes the test.