Tuesday, January 16

2007 Riding Plans--so far.

Mao Zedong said: "Á thousand-mile journey begins with the first step.” I’ve put the almost-finishing touches on my upcoming riding season. I hope to squeeze in a few more trips but these—not counting VA and NC—come close to 7500 miles. My goal for the season is 10,000 miles. Why? I like goals and 10,000 is a nice round number?

Start * Destination * RT miles

Chicago Rustic Roads WI 300.00
Chicago Gills Rock, WI (Door County) 570.86
Chicago Saddlesore 1000 + 15
Chicago Galena IL 326.30
Chicago Lake Geneva, WI 152.16
Chicago Niles, MI 198.62
Chicago Shawnee National Forest 640.66
Chicago Iowa City, IA 436.30
Chicago Sauk Trail/Chicago Pike 570.00
Chicago Lake Superior Circle Tour 2295.00
Chicago Spring Green, WI 372.12
Chicago New Glarus, WI 311.38
Chicago Starved Rock, Utica, IL 193.14
Chicago Arlington, VA 1402.72 (iffy)
Chicago Raleigh, NC 1729.24 (iffy)
Chicago Sharon, WI 177.70

If I ever want the map at the end of my blogpage to fill up with red, I must get out of the Midwest! Only with the Lake Superior Circle Tour will I add a new state (MN)--and Canada. But you'd think with all these miles, I'd substantially expand my riding range.

Hmmm? I think I hear Alaska or a nice perimeter jaunt around the USA calling me for 2008.