Wednesday, August 16

Motorcycle security--Yes!

Someone on one of the motorcycle forums I frequent, recommended threading a six foot cable through the bike, through my gear--including the luggage--and voila--motorcycle security. I can now avoid lugging my gear everywhere I go when all I really want to do is explore new places unencumbered. On previous trips, toting all my stuff has been a huge pain. So this cable idea intrigued me. It worked! Just watch what you touch. While trying to find a good place to thread the cable through the bike, I touched the exhaust. I felt the pang of the burn in my spleen! Dang that hurts! I think a longer cable might be easier to work with.

This little exercise brought home the importance of having a motorcycle cover. Coverless, the bike looks tempting--a jumbled mass of stuff just begging to be examined if, for no other reason than to see what is holding it all together. A cover would hide this from view, hopefully eliminating the need to probe. No way will the half-cover I've had my eyes on fit over my belongings. (Note to self: call today to talk motorcycle covers and expedited delivery).
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Final packing practice!

When touring sites recommend performing packing practices, they know from whence they speak. It has taken me three attempts to get it just right! Ok, so I'm slow.

By 5:45 a.m. Tuesday, I was packed and riding down Michigan Avenue. Used two extra cords, which I don't think were necessary but gave me an extra sense of security. Upon arriving at my destination, I checked the luggage and notice a slight slippage in the right saddlebag--not sitting on the exhaust but too dang close for me. Here is exactly where another cable could hoist the bags. I image I'm on my trip, riding on some quiet road early one morning and this very saddlebag, after miles of sitting on the exhaust, erupts into flames, which I strangly fail to notice until I too am on fire--Yikes! Yeah, I've had more than a few nightmares about this excursion--why? Trust me, you don't want to know.

Nothing beats riding along Michigan Avenue around sunrise. Head southbound until 12th Street/Roosevelt Road, then go west to Wabash Avenue. There, go north until you can turn up any street to head back east as soon as possible. You'll end up on Michigan Avenue again. Turn right to head north. Sit back and enjoy the ride. You'll pass Grant Park, The Art Institute, the "face fountains" at the mouth of Millennium Park--to mention a few of the great views heading north.

It is only during the early morning hours that one can ride and simultaneously steal looks at Chicago's beauty. Early weekdays are gorgeous, but pale in comparison to weekend mornings. At other times, pedestrians cross against traffic, cars create unimaginable gridlock, many taxi drivers ignore every rule of the road known to humankind. Take your eyes off the traffic for a second and you'll be road kill that the city won't have time to scrap off until after Labor Day!

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