Thursday, April 30

New installs and necessary corrections...

There have been way too many complaints about the ST battery dying--just kerplunking out. It appears that these deaths have occurred anywhere from 4000 to 10,000 miles. I've had no problems with my battery. My understanding is that BMW will replace the battery at no charge; however, it has to die first. What sense does that make? If a known problem exists with the batteries, they ought to be changed out! Period. 

As someone who is out there alone and often on remote roads, I didn't want to wait for a failure. Since I'm near that upper end of these spontaneous expirations, I decided to be proactive and replace the battery. Yes, I spent a bit by going this route but it would be my luck to wait and have the thing go out on some isolated back road in West Virginia.  My recurring nightmare is not getting stranded, it is getting stranded in certain parts of the country. I'm sorry but the south happens to be one of those places--no offense to anyone.  I'm working on my regional issues.

After getting the battery changed, I decided to have a Datel voltmeter installed. My shop, Motoworks, did a fab job (Thanks, Zach!). It looks like a manufacturer's OEM installation. My friend Claye had one installed on her F650GS and I loved it instantly.

Claye also turned me on to the Throttlemeister knob thingy. It is the correction that the Throttlemeister should have made, according to its creator. It prevents accidental activations of the Throttlemeister. I've not had been bothered by this as I rarely use my Throttlemeister. But this will eliminate the problem I did haveon my way back from Virginia when the device consistently turned on after the heated grips were on for long periods of time.  At least that's what we think caused the spontaneous activitations.

Problems all resolved!

Hoping the weather improves for the weekend--I've got stamps to collect.