Sunday, September 6

Second Saddle Sore Success

I'll write more about it later, but wanted to report that I just completed my second Saddle Sore (1000 miles minimum in less than 24 hours). This one was far more fun than the first for some very excellent reasons that I'll share when I return home.

I left the Chicago area around 5 a.m. (two hours later than I had planned). This, by the way, was a totally unplanned Saddle Sore. I started toying with the idea a day or so before I left. I arrived in Golden, Colorado around 1:45 a.m. The last two hours were very interesting. I was NEVER tired on this trip--I'll share my secret, which does not involve anything artificial and certainly NOTHING illegal. Hey, it doesn't even include coffee!

Covered 1,054 miles.

I plan to see a friend in Aurora, CO and then head to Nicodemus, KS, a historic rural town founded by African Americans. Hardley anyone lives there now but it is a national historic site. Then it's on to Topeka, KS, to view the national site of Brown vs the Board of Education at Topeka.

Stay tuned...