Monday, August 13

Wow! A Pow Wow

Draft--from a longer piece. Enjoy a few of the many pics taken Sunday...)

I haven’t been to a real pow-wow in probably 20 years! I’ve been riding through Native Reservations and have only had the opportunity to stop in one. That’s been a disappointment until Sunday, a day that was supposed to concentrate on getting back to the USA. Another wonderful weather day—I’m almost taking this great weather for granted as I’ve come to expect it each day.

As usual, the roads were quiet, filled with wonderful lake views, cliffs, odd figures sticking out in uniquely named bays…When I reached Grand Portage, just inside the US, a sign said I was entered the Grand Portage Band of the Chippewa Nation. Hmmm… I stopped at a VC to ask about travel information for Duluth, my next big stop about 200 miles from Thunder Bay. I asked the helpful man what the protocol was for visiting the Reservation in Grand Portage. He said, “No problem…in fact, in about 10 minutes they are having their annual Pow Wow—a really large event because they have all the nations from around here there. If you leave now it’ll take you five minutes to drive there and you’ll be there for the big procession.” I made a beeline out of there and when I arrived, the place was packed. I found parking, did a quick change of gear and walked to the grand arena.

I had the most wonderful time! I stayed for 2.5 hours taking pictures, eating the best fry bread I’ve ever had, hand squeeze lemonade and gifts for friends. I didn’t want to leave as the festivities were going to into the night. I was overwhelmed by the day. When I left, I was still more than 2 hours from Duluth but the ride seemed to fly by as I thought of the colors, the people, and the conversations I had at the Grand Portage Band of Chippewa’s Pow wow.
I'm off the explore Duluth, Minnesota.