Sunday, June 10

Test riding the new Givi MonoKey top case...

Well, I am forced to take to the road this morning to test ride the new top case. It sure looks great! Given my total satisfication with the Givi 36 liter side bags, I went with the top seller in the monokey Givi top case too.

Saturday's family obligations reduced my riding to a shortie--only about 60 miles on a day that only a higher power could have made! It was absolutely amazing, hot but not scorching--perfect for my summer perforated leather jacket. Only a gentle breeze to contend with and a sparkling sun high in an azure sky. One could not ask for more! I left the family gala late and enjoyed a wonderful night ride back into the city. Everyone seemed out and about and sane.

But it's time to ride! Whereabouts still unknown. I'm going to pick a place and head in that direction. Here are some pics of Queenie's new look. The top case fits the helmet, and it will tote a pair of Rollerblades with its gear--but not with the motorcycle helmet. For long day rides, I'm going to love being able to take only the top case and leave the side cases at home.

I have myself a real tourer!

Ride safe!