Monday, July 23


I've had a couple of private emails regarding the seat height of the F800ST. It would have been so simply to link to the BMW website! You readers know that I typically over link--I simply forgot. Blame it on brain cells that refuse to fire up fully when they know they should be sleeping. So, here is BMW website . On it is everything you'll ever want to know about Beemers, Beemer accessories, Beemer testemonials, great Beemer pictures--you get the point.
The F800ST seat height, by the way, is 32.9 inches; however, you can order it in the low seat version that will take it to an amazing 31.1 inches. My understanding is that it can be raised a tad also with aftermarket seating options. The dry weight is 412lbs, with fluids, it is approximately 461lbs.

Try Googling, you'll find that the bike has been reviewed by almost every magazine and everyone except my 90 year old grandmother! Here's what the AMA had to say about it. Also check out Road Runner Motorcycle Touring and Travel magazine's (my favorite!) August '07 issue.

While you are at the site, register to win a "K" bike!