Saturday, January 6

Welcome "Motorcycle Views" & old "friend"

I've never thought of myself as someone who doesn't handle change well. But the changes over at About.come have bothered me--a lot. I rarely visit anymore. The new place where many of the old timers now congregate has just not pulled me in enough to want to visit there often either. I've hung around other forums, one specific to my SV650, one aimed at touring CA, one aimed at adventure touring. But mostly I've just felt homeless, so to speak.

In these wee hours, as I lurked around Delphi to peek in on some familiar names, I learned that Walt Kern, former leader of the community of motorcyclists, had started his own blog. I don't know Walt outside of his former job at, but I know this: I, like everyone who frequented that site, learned from the best. It wasn't just Walt, it was also the stellar group of experienced riders assembled in that one spot. They always were ready to transmit sage advice, encourage triumph over one's fears, and chastise anyone who showed poor risk management skills. It is because of Walt's instructive content on and about motorcycles and motorcyclists that kept me coming back day in and day out. I posted a lot on that other forum because the provocative "conversations" always made me think and want to share information.

Walt's new space is aptly called Motorcycle Views. According to the stats on my blogspace, many lurkers drop by here. Well, here is some advice to all you lurkers: add Walt's new blog to your lurking list. This I know for certain: apply what you'll learn there and it just might save your life.