Wednesday, August 30

Home...Safe and sound & ready to go again!

I am preparing a tale on coming home, which was an interesting way to end the journey. Will post the details of that tonight.

I arrived, however, late last night, around 10:00 p.m.--five hours later than calculated. I was on schedule until I entered IL. To welcome me home, it rained. It was a "hard rain," as Bob Dylan sings. As motorcyclists we should avoid these early rains...But I didn't. Yet, RT 43, taught me a lesson. On it, were some people who evidently didn't notice that it was raining for they drove like maniacs--total disregard for slowing down--not everyone--but it only takes one.

Eventually, I exited, found a Border's Books on Tower Line Road somewhere near Lake Forest. I hung out there for about three hours, clumping around in my gear and feeling like the Michelin woman. I sank into a stack of magazines. Quite by accident, I ran into a friend and his three adorable children. They are tiny book lovers, whose combined age is like, 4! They were in book heaven in the children's section, doing serious work on Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Amelia Bedelia, to mention a few.

Finally had to don my rain pants, put the rain coats on the luggage and head home. By the way, purchasing the bike cover was an EXCELLENT investment. Not only did it protect the luggage from probing eyes and hands, it kept the bike dry--who wants to sit on a wet seat?

Took Sheridan Road, which is part of the LMCT, a section that I've done many times. Interestingly enough, when I finally arrived on Sheridan Road, it put me very near The Bahai Temple and it gave me a full circle feeling as I drove by it and glanced at the building, which I've never seen at night. It stands as a mammoth beacon, all lit up, as if welcoming me home; I took it personally. I was happy to be received so brightly. This was a particularly poignant moment for me as this section of the LMCT was my first "long" trip after buying the bike. My signature photo is my bike in front of The Bahai Temple.

Avoided Lake Shore Drive as the roads were still rather slippery. Took Sheridan Road to Halsted and then weaved my way through the familiar Chicago streets. Ended up taking Wells Street all the way to Lake Street and the headed home from there.

In all, I've put approximately 1,128+ miles on the bike.

Again, I will post the conclusion of this travel tale tonight (and photos)--more like the wee hours for me.

In a couple of weeks, the next trip takes place... (to be continued)