Thursday, June 25


Early Wednesday morning, I went for a ride before going to work. I was out and on the road by 5:10am. I wanted to catch the sunrise, which the online sunrise/sunset chart said would occur at 5:17a.m.. I knew just where to go too. I didn't even think about sharing my capture on this site, although I did put it on flickr where I house much of my photography.

Then, today I was at Redleg's Rides blog and he writes about and shares his photographs taken during the "Golden Hour."  His mention of the Golden Hour instantly got me to thinking about my morning out and my success at catching the sunrise, another brief and important window of time when the light is sweet and pure and the color that shines down and out from it, is warm and glowing and beautiful. One is rewarded whenever the magic of a sunrise is witnessed. 

Photography is light and light-play is always an amazing thing to behold and try to freeze for later memories.

This has been a sad news day that has made me remember. 

I grew up with Farrah Fawcett and "Charlie's Angels." She had a light bulb smile and seemed to love Ryan O'Neal forever and a day, in ways that he seemed overwhelmed by and only later seemed to easily return. Her death was expected. Still, it was sad.  Then I heard about Michael Jackson's demise this afternoon. What a brilliant, gifted but also tragic figure. It's a sad story. 

I loved the Jackson 5. I remember them dancing up a storm on the Ed Sullivan Show. I bought their records and sang their songs.  Something changed for me, though, when the group disbanned and he took on a solo career. Still, I'd stop to watch his magical feet dance and hear his silky voice deliver his latest hit--songs he wrote.  "Thriller" is an album of genius.  Listen to "Billie Jean." Something tragic seems to happens to many uber-celebrities, particularly those who step into fame and fortune early.  Eventually, he just seemed to me to be stunted mentally/emotionally and never grew up.

To me, his physical metamorphosis and increasingly strange and controversial personal life began to overshadow his genius and I simply lost interest--that is, until I'd hear an old Jackson 5 tune on the radio and I'd remember the teenage memories and the prodigy from Gary, Indiana.
On my ride this past Sunday, a Jackson 5 tune came on the XM radio, it was, "I Want You Back," and I sang along to the top of my lungs inside my helmet. I remember thinking how I should download some of the J5 on my Ipod because those old tunes would make great motorcycle riding music.  I will do that...

Remembering memories...