Friday, December 15

Bound to happen...and an article on

Well, the weather the last few days has been great! Today, mid-fifties, a little wet at times but not enough to stand in the way of a great ride. Only thing is, my bike is in hibernation. Not nearly as bummed as I thought I'd be about that. This is Chicago, after all. I put her away the day before a huge snow-thunder storm.

Today might be nice, but around the corner there is you know what to pay! No sense taking the bike in and out of storage. OK, who am I trying to convince? I totally wanted to ride today. I miss my gal-pal something fierce!

I have a hastily put together ride article on . I had a couple of days to turn it in, which happened also to be smack in the middle of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) affair, which meant I had way too much to write in a short amount of time--I hate when that happens! If you've followed my Lake Michigan trip, the article won't add anything new. Still, it felt good posting on a site devoted to my beloved Suzuki's SV650.