Friday, August 11

The countdown begins...

In about a week, I will embark on my first *long* solo motorcycle trip. A complete trek around Lake Michigan, totaling over 1000 miles. I'm giving myself a week, which will give me enough time to be a picture-snapping tourist.

I've still a lot left to do--I really need to stop it with the last minute buys and focus on finishing the route or mastering the Magellan eXplorist XL GPS! I love gadgets and not one has defeated me. Yet. The Magellan, however, has made me foam at the mouth more times than I care to admit. It's turning out to be an expensive compass! (Note to self: master Magellan this weekend!) A post-trip report will follow on how the XL stands up to the task.

The Nelson Rigg Luggage system is all set. A fully-loaded dress rehearsal of the DLBS-500 + RTB-500 "for the ultimate touring system" happens this weekend! I sure hope toting around my junk does not detract from the enjoyment of the ride. I'm trying to think: minimalist when packing. Limiting myself to 1--make that 2 books and downloading a few to the handheld.

The Suzuki SV650 has been thoroughly checked. Steve, my mechanic said all it needs now is "for you to ride it." And so I will... Were it not for the folks at Mr. Moto Works, this trip would not be possible. They have not only taken superior care of my gal-pal, they have taught me some important tweaks I can comfortable perform on my own. Throttle, chain and clutch adjustments--I'm ready for you! Now if only I could get the bike on the dang center stand they installed--ugh!

The moisture-wicking shirts are here! Picking up a couple of MSR bottles this weekend! I learned about these amazing fuel transport bottles from a fellow rider on the forum. Thank! I can tote extra fuel easily and safely, which I am hoping will eliminate my night terrors about running out of gas, stranded on some remote road in the upper peninsula of Michigan and being captured by pale-skinned, leaf-covered people living in the forest. Yes, I admit to having had a few nightmares.

Not one to give in to self-imposed fears...This trip is happening! The countdown begins...