Monday, August 14

Nelson-Rigg Packed Bar Stool

Packed bar stool with shape retainers inside saddlebags. Posted by Picasa

Icon mesh gloves!

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As promised in an earlier post, here is the word on the Icon Mesh gloves. Aren't they lovely looking? The operative word is, "looking." The left glove was inspected by #16 and #21. The right, by #16 again and #23--what happened to #21? The inside stitching is rough, jagged and cuts my thumbs. I pulled the gloves inside out and tried taping up the rough edges but when my hands warm up, the tape balls up and becomes an irritating knot. These painful raw edges rub in all the wrong places. As a former sewing maven, I know that one sign of excellent stitch work is well-finished seams. These gloves look great on the outside, but the pair I have produce their own version of road rash on the inside--but only if you wear them longer than five minutes! Perhaps they'd yield over time, but how much skin abrasion should I endure until then?! If the store I bought these from weren't so far away I'd return them yesterday! Instead, I'm going to connect with Icon directly.
(Note to self: write letter to Icon before leaving).

Packing stalled!

Where did the day go?

Had planned to do a packing practice today. Yesterday I packed the bar stool again and finally figured out how to hook up the straps. I should get a job writing instructions...wonder what the pay is for writing instruction manuals? Most of the ones I read are horrid! Lots of assumed knowledge. Tons of steps omitted. Instructions should be unequivocally clear--as if the reader is from another planet or five years old! Cut out the guess work PLEASE!

I'm one of those who reads the instructions--dang--I highlight the important parts! But it seems as though those who pen these "how-tos" either hate their job or despise their readers! It's as if they've not given any consideration to how the reader reads the words. Too much is slopped together, sometimes in the wrong order, sometimes forgetting to include all the steps. Ugh! Regardless of what Nelson-Rigg claims... still think I'll need extra bungee cords--hope I can buy black ones...wonder if reflective cords exist...hmmm?

In five days I will be leaving--now that I have a gazillon things left to do, that does not seem like enough time.

Just heard on the news that a possible terrorist threat targeting the Mackinac Bridge has left Michigan officials taking a closer look at the bridge--great! Instantly, I imagine motoring across this five mile stretch and getting blow to smithereens right in the last leg of the fifth mile! I had been looking forward to going across the bridge. Now, in addition to thinking about the bridge's surface (metal grating vs the narrow strip of slab) I'll probably be thinking of the "threat," which is partly what I think some of these public alerts are designed to do in the first place--just keep us all on edge! Ok, resist feeling paranoid! It's five miles...What are the chances I'll be on the bridge if it blows?!

Haven't finished programming the GPS. Still haven't photocopied all my paper work (e.g., license, registration, insurance). I had tons of time to do this--but, no. I've been doing too many other things, like reading, posting, and making list, some of which I've ignored after making them. Might not be able to take my favorite pants. Cleaners called to tell me they need more time than I have left to clean my leather-textile pants--my favorite!

Feeling a bit sleep deprived...Forgot to eat dinner tonight. Am I more tired than hungry? Definitely more tired.

Have the bike packed and ready to test by 5:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. Do a short ride before heading into work.