Monday, December 4

Weather and the Kawasaki Versys

I will resist the temptation to turn this motorcycle travel oriented blog into one huge rant about the weather--although that feels the natural way to go--it is currently 14 degrees F.

A friend turned me on to this new motorcycle from Kawasaki, the Versys. It's a sharp looking bike, unique visuals and smart lines. I especially love the shape of the headlight--very distinctive. I like odd looking motorcycles, like many of the BMW bikes. For example, the F800S looks like a rhino from the side view; look at the F650GS and the R1200GS Enduros... from the side they look like birds. I saw one once in sunflower yellow and it looked like "Big Bird," the Sesame Street character.

Back to the new Kawasaki Versys... The specifications/features indicate that the bike has a seat height of 37 inches! By far, that makes it the tallest bike I've heard of and I can't help wondering if that's an error. If anyone is listening/reading out there and knows something I don't, please enlighten me about this bike's features--I'd like it a whole lot more if I didn't need a ladder to mount it!