Tuesday, May 5

'cyclist killed by nail-polishing driver!

Since hearing about this Sunday evening after returning from putting over 900 miles on the 'cycle, I've been a little depressed. This rider could have been any one of us. She did all the right things. Had on a hi-viz jacket and helmet. She was stopped at a red light. She was rear-ended by a totally senseless, entirely avoidable assult by a driver (this isn't an accident as far as I am concerned and I refuse to call it that). The culprit admitted to polishing her nails while driving and claims not to have seen the motorcyclist stopped in front of her--REALLY?! HELLO?! This woman lost her life because someone's nails mattered more.

I am angry. I don't know this cyclist from Jane but she could have been me or you. Right now, they have not charged the driver with much. But if ever there were a case where the book and everything else should be thrown at the culprit, this is it. I'm searching for what else I, and others, can do about this assault. While out there this past weekend, I saw lots of horribly bad driver behavior that really started me to thinking about how lenient the laws are with regards to what seems like blatant vehicular homicide to me. The driver ought to be in jail right now. Period.


R.I.P. Anita Zaffke