Saturday, May 12

Rustic Roads Bound

I’m off to spend a weekend riding some of the many Rustic Roads (RR) dotted throughout WI. RRs are state designated roadways, singled out for their scenic beauty, hilly and twisty terrain, landmarks and the breath-taking geological manifestations that sparkle across the Wisconsin landscape.

WI has created an attractive RR motorcycle award program where one rides ten of the paved or unpaved trails to become eligible to receive one of the state’s attractive motorcycle patches. All I need to remember is to photograph each brown and yellow RR sign with Queenie and me in the picture. I’ll submit my proof and voila, a RR motorcycle patch will be mine. When I’m 80 and wearing purple, I’ll have a nice little memento to reflect upon.

Ten rides sound doable. A couple of day or weekend trips to our northern neighbors could make this an amazing adventure. So, this is my weekend! I’ve mapped out a 147-mile trip that commences once I reach WI that will allow me to explore twelve RR. I’ve factored in some wiggle room, as I might want to take a few well-selected detours. All I desire is decent weather, the wind at my back, and my mind and body fully focused on the ride. Sounds like a fabulous, fun way to spend my Mother’s Day weekend!