Friday, January 2

Finally, a new year!

The last few months I've been waiting for this new year like no other. I'm inspired by new things and new opportunities to begin fresh. I'm willing myself to feel better. Physically the collar bone is healing. I can't believe that it hasn't already. I continue with the exercises but I have developed some sort of chronically sore neck and shoulder that I'm told is normal. The ribs are healing too. Although rolling over in my sleep on my back wakes me up immediately! Ouch! I'm convinced, however, that the ribs will get stronger soon. I now have bumpy parts at each break site, evidence of calcification around the fractures. That's okay but my once smooth collar bone now sports a fairly large lump that resembles a mountain peak. I see it as I see my motherhood-earned stretch marks: these are the dues one pays for the choices made. 

Emotionally, I'm better too. I know for certain that each day brings hope for better days ahead. To all those whom I've promised to get back to, I will very soon. I am looking forward to catching up on all my friends' blogs, which I've missed terribly. Now that the holidays have passed, I can shift my focus back to more self-selected tasks. While I know that the new year can deal me anything, even some more difficult times, I am strengthened by surviving all that has come before. 

The image in the picture is a gift from my dear friend, Claire. The little girl is painted on wood. She is holding onto hope. She hangs on for me too.

Happy New Year. May you show strength in all that 2009 brings your way.

One more thing. Thanks to all of you for everything!