Saturday, August 19

Security Measures...

A mini-laptop, a GPS, a Kubaton, a wanna-be-machete, and a handheld PC--what more could a woman ask?

Mace? I forgot to get mace! (note to self: get some today!--do not leave home without it!)

More than 20 years ago, I owned a fishwhacker. It was a minature baseball bat approximately 12 inches long, in which the center had been hollowed out and lead or something like that had been pour in to fill the hole. It was heavy with a nice solid feel when slapping it against your palm. I remember the little promotional insert that came with it, which read: "For whacking fish and other onery characters." Now, I'd never harm a fish with it but I was ready to whack any two-legged creatures who bothered this peace-loving woman. Talk about a weapon of mass destruction! That little fishwhacker could do some serious damage if called into action.

I don't know how I lost it but I did. I've had many opportunities over the years to miss my fishwhacker. I've tried to replace it on occasion with some facsimile to no avail. So, I've moved on to other security measures that I hope I'm never forced to use.

Now this would be a deterrant--can you image that being mounted on the SV's handlebars?

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mobile handheld test

This is a test from my very own emergency broadcast system.

This message is being sent from my wireless handheld.

Am I really going to be able blog from this thing while on the road?

Or, am I going to end up taking the laptop?

Technology--don't you just love it?