Sunday, June 29

The joys of Technology!

Well, I'm up and running, sort of. At heart, I'm a gadget geek but the recent headaches have made me question that! But now, a new computer system and a eager return to Apple just might be the healing I need. In 1984 I owned an Apple IIE computer--one of the first computers models that company made (or was that the Apple II?).  I loved it!  Then I owned an Apple G--something? Then came the brightly colored Apple IMac, the one that sported a pregnant look. In between, I've had my share of PCs. Let's just say I'm glad I've gone back to Apple--hopefully it will restore my faith in technology!  

No trips of significance this  weekend as I prepared self and bike for the upcoming Canada trip this week. Jesse sports new Givi side bags, BMW top case, frame sliders, and some pretty wonderful vario levers. I did a lot of aimless riding until the luggage felt weightless on the bike.  I'm looking forward to my first multi-day trip since getting the new bike. While away, I'm hoping to ride as much along Lake Erie as possible although I don't have time to do the full circle.  I still plan to circle Lake Huron sometime this summer. 

Gosh, it feels good to be back online. Hopefully, I'll be spared the fear of a crash with each keystroke or click...knock on wood!