Friday, September 29

Road to Tobermory - III

Dispatches from Lucas: September 29, 2006

It's 7:00 am on Friday morning and I have 3 hours to go before setting off on my trip to Tobermory. My bike is packed and checked out. I did that last night so I'd have plenty of time to think about what I need and to thoroughly check the bike over.

Corrina (my pet name for my F650CS) looks really good in her touring profile. I sat on the bike last night with the remaining gear and she still felt well balanced. The blue and gold F650CS luggage works well. I have camping supplies for 4 days. Clothing is mostly fleece and rain gear. I've learned fleece is the best gear to take backpacking as it dries quickly and keeps you warm with minimal bulk. I don't intend to be too sociable on this trip so my appearance will be less than appropriate for 4 star dining.

This trip is more about the journey than the destination. I don't have in my heart or mind an urge to 'get there'. I just want to get on to the open road and feel the hum of Corrina's 650cc Single-Cylinder engine. A single cylinder is also known as a thumper, but I've never really felt thumping coming out of the power plant, more of a nice buzz. I'm hoping to see some fall colors as I get farther north, not much color around here yet. There are a few light houses that I'm hoping to see.

My trip plans have changed slightly as I look at the weather forecast. Instead of going to Kincardine this afternoon, I'm going to take a central route up to Owen Sound and then move west to Sauble Falls. The reason for this alteration is that Saturday will be a rain day. Sauble Falls is only an hour away from Tobermory versus the three hours that Kincardine presented. I'll wake on Saturday and find a clearing in the weather and make way to Bruce Penninsula National Park and camp. If the weather looks ok, then I'll make my way into Tobermory and walk around and check the sites.

Sunday the weather will clear and with only a 40% chance of rain, I'll make my way to Inverhuron in Kincardine and camp. A lighthouse is in Kincardine and I would like to take a look and snap some pictures. On Monday, I'll make my way back home. Monday looks really good - warm and sunny. A perfect way to end my trip. – Lucas --