Sunday, May 3

Two stamps--YAY! Sunday Update =3rd stamp...


I am safely in St. Paul, MN after a wonderful ride Saturday, which couldn't have been more different than last weekend when the weather displayed mother nature's merciless wrath the whole weekend! Evidently, all is forgiven for this was beautiful riding weather. Left early Saturday morning and rode in a crisp, cool air that warmed up throughout the day, reaching the mid 60s. Made it to  St. Croix Falls, WI (more later on the interesting folks I met) and then headed over to St. Paul (met more interesting folks) What a wonderful ride.

Today is Sunday.  

In a few hours I'll head to Harpers Ferry, IA to finally see the Effigy Mounds National Monument. From there I might try a visit to West Branch, IA to see the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. That would make four stamps in a weekend--not to mention adding to my knowledge about the country's national history. If I happen to get four stamps for the weekend, I'm getting close...four down, only 46 to go in the Iron Butt National Parks Tour. Yay!

Ride total for Saturday: 478 (s)miles


A brief check in. Home safely with another stamp in hand. Made it to Effigy Mounds in Harpers Ferry, IA. Many interesting characters and events on this trip, which I'll write about after I've processed this exhilirating weekend of perfect weather riding. For now, just some totals.

Ride total for Sunday: 470 (s)miles

Total for the weekend 948--and every minutes was joyous.