Wednesday, August 22

“Long Way Down”—McGregor and Boorman are at it again!

By now, most motorcyclists--and some lucky non-motorcyclists-- have watched “Long Way Round,” the 19,000 miles motorcycle adventure of Scottish actor and author, Ewan McGregor and his pal, Charley Boorman. Their epic journey on matching BMW R1150GS Adventure bikes, carried them from London to New York, traveling through Western and Central Europe, Russia, Mongolia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, parts of Siberia and Canada.

Well, they’ve done it again! Recently, the daring duo completed the second installment, "Long Way Down," which will air soon on the BBC. This time the journey, captured by this soundbite: “Two men, two continents in 85 days and 15,000 miles,” transports the two from Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa. If you watched the first adventure, you know that this zany and courageous pair will meet up with incredibly interesting characters and find themselves facing major road, machine, global, and cultural challenges that are not only entertaining but also insightful and informative. I’m eagerly awaiting the television and DVD release.

In the meantime, you can get your fill of “Long Way Down” previews, information, and paraphernalia here.