Wednesday, August 16

Motorcycle security--Yes!

Someone on one of the motorcycle forums I frequent, recommended threading a six foot cable through the bike, through my gear--including the luggage--and voila--motorcycle security. I can now avoid lugging my gear everywhere I go when all I really want to do is explore new places unencumbered. On previous trips, toting all my stuff has been a huge pain. So this cable idea intrigued me. It worked! Just watch what you touch. While trying to find a good place to thread the cable through the bike, I touched the exhaust. I felt the pang of the burn in my spleen! Dang that hurts! I think a longer cable might be easier to work with.

This little exercise brought home the importance of having a motorcycle cover. Coverless, the bike looks tempting--a jumbled mass of stuff just begging to be examined if, for no other reason than to see what is holding it all together. A cover would hide this from view, hopefully eliminating the need to probe. No way will the half-cover I've had my eyes on fit over my belongings. (Note to self: call today to talk motorcycle covers and expedited delivery).
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