Tuesday, September 1

Riding diversity...Monday had it all!

Hello family and friends,
Left Mesquite, NV on Monday. Made it to Colorado around 8:30pm. The day was long but fun, filled with varied weather (temps ranged from 59 degrees F to 100 degrees F) and engaging terrain.  DSC00189There was also lightening, thundering and rain! Where does one go when it is lightening and the nearest place "with services" is 35 miles away?! No shelter anywhere along the long, sometimes isolated  stretches of I-15. Watching the lightening was quite interesting but a tad cheek clinching--if you know what I mean.DSC00191
Even with all the weather variety, it was a beautiful day for riding.  First time the rain gear has been used on this trip.  I haven't figured out all the mileage but it was well over 500 miles. I love I-70! It has to be the prettiest, most amazing interstate! I don't know much about its construction, but it's now on my list for further research. I have taken I-70 from IL to Colorado before but picking it up from I-15 and riding it east...loved every minute of it! It is scenic, crooked, and in many places, lightly traveled. My biggest challenge was keeping my eyes on the road. DSC00206 Bluffs, canyons, color changes in rocks and landscape were breathtakingly distracting. I am absolutely smitten with Nevada and Utah! To my riding hero, RH, ...I take back everything I said about riding in the US versus Canada.DSC00205
Took a few detours, lots of up and down roads, many long sweeping curves and twisties.  Loved the overlooks and many pull outs along I-70. If you travel this way, don't miss these as they provide a nice reason to get out of the saddle and some safe areas for shutter bugging. I really enjoyed the Virgin River and Green River areas. But my most favorite (although everything was a fave) area, which I almost bypassed because it was getting late, was the  ride near Moab.  This ride made me dizzy with its bodacious beauty!
DSC00207 This detour takes you around Arches Nation Park.  I left I-70 at Crescent Jct. and headed south on 191. After about 30ish miles, catch 128, which heads east.  You will be riding along the Colorado River. You stay on 128 until it meets up with I-70 again. I think this ended up being about 60 plus miles altogether but it was worth the detour. DSC00225
In this brief update, I can't express the sheer beauty, the overwhelming sensory experience of riding along this, sometimes tight, twisty road.  This "Scenic Bypass" was the highlight of the day!  When I finally returned to I-70, the sun was setting and the sky was quickly turning dark. A sign said that Grand Junction, CO was approximately 47 miles ahead. DSC00213
The road was lightly traveled. It felt a bit spooky. I imagined mountain lions and bears in wait around each curve for a lone 'cyclist.  I kept my speed eight miles over the limit.  In the far distance, I saw red lights and kept it in my view until I touched wheels in Colorado. I was checked in and fed by 9:30ish.DSC00238
Onward and upward!


RichardM said...

Beautiful photos of the area. Back about 35+ years ago, I had spent a lot of time in that area of Utah including Arches doing field work but only made it to Grand Junction once and that was just to run someone to the airport. It is a wonderful area. Thanks for posting the pictures!

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

You're welcome. Now that I'm home, I wish I'd done a lot more visiting of certain places. Next time...