Saturday, May 22

GoPro test 1

Took a short ride on some main city streets downtown Chicago. I was heading to LSD (Lake Shore Drive) to reach Montrose Harbor--it was an excuse to try out the new video cam. I mounted the GoPro Motorsports Hero HD video Cam on the hump of the F800ST. It proved sturdy and remained rock solid on some pretty bumpy city streets. I was quite pleased with the variety of mounts included in the box--unlike the pitiful mount and lack of options with the Scientific Oregon ATC video cam.

Still haven't figured out how to use the different attachments on the GoPro suction thingy to make it work but I don't feel an urgency for it at the moment. However, the height of the suction attachment makes for a nice tall mount for the camera, which makes sense when you need a view above the handle bar clutter on my ST.

My handlebars are not as generous as the bar on my old Suzuki SV650; thus, space on the Beemer bar is tight. I ride with mounts for a GPS, the Spot, and a XM satellite radio--the latter of which I can easily remove as I rarely ride with music unless I'm doing something big like a Saddle Sore or a day trip of over 600 miles. For mounting on the ST's hump, I had to clear handlebar space. I loosen the mounts and moved them aside to give the camera a clearer view of the road ahead. Yes, the GoPro mount needed to be higher. Hmm...note to self: figure out that suction thingy...

Uploading with iMovie. Things started off smoothly. Then, at the point of uploading, I received an error message in iMovie 8. I learned that this error message was a common occurrence with iMovie 8. In fact, Apple generated a fix (iMovie 6) soon after releasing iMovie 8 but the fix (released a long time ago) is no longer available. Every time I downloaded Apple software related to this fix, I was blocked because I needed the original iMovie 6 fix--UGH!!!

I switched to my PC and used Windows Movie Maker. It was okay and I'm glad to know that I now have it on the netbook, which I take when traveling. Still, iMovie seemed more intuitive so I upgraded to iMovie 9 and all issues with uploading that I encountered with iMovie 8 vanished. So here is my newbie attempt. No edits, just elimination of some of the non dynamic clips. I think I'm going to enjoy developing new skills and learning how to use this cam.

Received the GoPro "Chesty" harness Friday. It fits and rests comfortably on my chest. Looking forward to comparing it to the hump mount. Chris at Everyday Riding, uses the chest mount. He said something like, the body becomes the cushion upon which the camera rests and absorbs shocks from the ride--or something like that (sorry, Chris if I've misquoted you). Looking forward to trying out the harness mount this weekend (fingers crossed).

I'm loving this little camera and send mucho thanks to Chris, who endured many wacky and wild emails from me. He showed both good humor and the patience of Job. My excuse, many of those emails were written while on some heavy brain fogging meds. Even I knew I sounded scary!

Watch the GoPro test on YouTube

p.s. So, what's the secret for posting the YouTube here without it being so huge it's full screen is not viewable. Chris, bobskoot?

UPDATE: Thanks Claye AKA Fleeter!


D. Brent Miller said...

Sharon. You will like the GoPro. Some of my more recent videos have incorporated GoPro footage. I am not totally impressed with all the mounts that come with the GoPro, so I created my own fix. I purchased a GoPro Tripod Mount and a RAM-Mount small camera/ball mount and mated the two. Perfect! My GoPro is mounted on a RAM-Mount on the handlebars. My engine guard mount is a little more complicated because I am actually using a photographic studio clamp and quick release tripod head system. But, I still use the GoPro Tripod Mount to mate it to the clamp. --Brent

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Hi Brent, Thanks much for the info. I'd love to see pics of your clamp mount as I have a couple of photo super clamps that I'd not even thought of using. I have my eye on the tripod mount and will check that out now too sooner rather than later. Going to check out your space for more pics/info on using the GoPro. Thanks, friend.

Hope you are well.

Gary France said...

Good luck with your GoPro. I got one a few months back and I love it. I struggled for some time to find a mounting system that I thought was really good. You might want to take a look at the following web page where I wrote a comparison of all of the different types I tried until I found the one I was really happy with. Have fun!

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Hi Gary,

Thanks for dropping by. I can understand your quest for a good mounting system. I tried the chest harness today and I wasn't thrilled, so I'm back to square one.

I will check out your info. Thanks again!

Unknown said...


on YouTube when you do the upload and click the "embed" button, you probably did not notice, but there are boxes below the code.

size displayed is dependent upon your format and column width. I set my size for 385, but perhaps you should click a smaller box, perhaps 340.

If you look at the HTML code you will see the dimentions and you can change them to whatever you wish, but just make sure to change all of them. Sometimes the numbers are there twice.

I also have a mounting problem since I installed my new Adustable Madstad Bracket which places the windscreen an inch further forward and the bracket is now captured on both sides. Also one of the clips broke on me and I tried using the "vertical" grip, but it is higher and gets shifted when I go over bumps. I was thinking of getting the chest mount to get more dash view. Still thinking . . .

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

bobskoot, yes I had figured out the html and did edit the size soon after I posted my request--Thanks anyway. I have the smartest blog pals!

I will follow your GoPro discoveries and experiences with the mounting systems and learn from that. I'm really liking the helmet perspective. The harness would be perfect if I were a bit taller, I'm convinced! Thanks again

irondad said...

I'm going to be left in the dust one of these days. Everybody is going all video on me.

Glad you're finding something new to wrap your brain around and challenge yourself.

Thought your photos were good for what's it worth.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sharon:

Congratulations on your initial experimentation with your new GoPro camera. Your video was highly entertaining as I had ridden down those same streets, and went out to Montrose Harbor (albeit in a cab), on May 19th, about a hour after I met you for lunch.

I have my own opinions about video, which can rival home movies for torture, if they do not make a specific point. Still, I spent the last two days putting more farkle on my K75... Just not a camera.

Grea ride through Chicago, Sharon.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Anonymous said...
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Chris said...

Thanks for the link and the mention Sharon. I could see a gap in the middle of your bars that would be perfect for a RAM tripod mount :)

I'm sorry you didn't like the chest mount. It has worked well for me most of the time. I used it this past weekend at a track day, and it was horrible. I was leaned over so far it was just looking at the tank. The RAM tripod mount was much better.

Looking forward to more videos!

怡婷 said...
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SonjaM said...

Sharon, I noticed that you haven't posted for a while. I hope that everything is ok and you are just taking a break from blogging. Take care! SonjaM

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Dear Irondad, sorry for not responding sooner. Thanks, as always for your comments. Know that I appreciate them.

Hi Jack, I know what you mean about videos. I'm not completely sold on using it but whenever I see some really nice ones like the ones Bobskoot and Chris put up, I want in on the fun. But I'm fickle and probably won't use it unless I really do have something special I want to capture.

Chris, we've already caught up. You know my story. Glad we met up!!

SonjaM--please forgive my delay in writing back to you. I do appreciate you for stopping over. I'm hoping to catch up with you and your adventures soon. Thanks for your patience.