Thursday, April 30

New installs and necessary corrections...

There have been way too many complaints about the ST battery dying--just kerplunking out. It appears that these deaths have occurred anywhere from 4000 to 10,000 miles. I've had no problems with my battery. My understanding is that BMW will replace the battery at no charge; however, it has to die first. What sense does that make? If a known problem exists with the batteries, they ought to be changed out! Period. 

As someone who is out there alone and often on remote roads, I didn't want to wait for a failure. Since I'm near that upper end of these spontaneous expirations, I decided to be proactive and replace the battery. Yes, I spent a bit by going this route but it would be my luck to wait and have the thing go out on some isolated back road in West Virginia.  My recurring nightmare is not getting stranded, it is getting stranded in certain parts of the country. I'm sorry but the south happens to be one of those places--no offense to anyone.  I'm working on my regional issues.

After getting the battery changed, I decided to have a Datel voltmeter installed. My shop, Motoworks, did a fab job (Thanks, Zach!). It looks like a manufacturer's OEM installation. My friend Claye had one installed on her F650GS and I loved it instantly.

Claye also turned me on to the Throttlemeister knob thingy. It is the correction that the Throttlemeister should have made, according to its creator. It prevents accidental activations of the Throttlemeister. I've not had been bothered by this as I rarely use my Throttlemeister. But this will eliminate the problem I did haveon my way back from Virginia when the device consistently turned on after the heated grips were on for long periods of time.  At least that's what we think caused the spontaneous activitations.

Problems all resolved!

Hoping the weather improves for the weekend--I've got stamps to collect.


Unknown said...

Glad you got both of those items fixed, but you didn't mention what happened to the heated gear. Is it working now ?
I'm with you, I would have changed the battery too. Shssh, why get stranded with a dead battery when you can solve the problem right away.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Hey bobscoot, I was just about to answer you!

As you suspected, I blew a fuse. Now the accessory socket will be kept open and the heated clothes are directly run through the battery. The accessory socket was a quick solution to get me from Virginia to Illinois, which it did without issue. Too bad I didn't have it last weekend--but I survived.

Unknown said...

I too blew a fuse with my accessory socket (prior to heated gear). Of course I thought the wiring went bad. They replaced the 5amp fuse with a 10amp. Like you though, I am running heated gear directly now. Seems we have bypassed the heated gear season in Illinois.

I like the volmeter touch. Which model did you have installed.

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...


I picked up the 2 wire DC meter from Datel. Took a ride early this morning and already I can see how having it will bring a certain level of comfort visually knowing what's going on.

I sure hope we've bypassed the need for heated gear here. I carry it with me nonetheless 'cause I've awaken to some cold mornings in MI, WI, and IA. It's nice to be able to have a little warmth when I want it.

Unknown said...

I have heated gear too, wired directly to the battery, and I also use that same plug for my battery float maintainer so it is a dual purpose plug. I made a Y-connector to also power my GPS.
Last winter I purchased heated gloves. I think they work better than my heated grips. As you can imagine I have wires all over the place.
Glad to see that you have all your stuff working again. As you say, it's nice to have options, even though you may not use them

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

David E.B. Smith said...

For pseudo-cruise control, check out the Cramp Buster or the Throttle Rocker. I use one all the time on long Interstate rides. It lets you hold the throttle on without as much wrist effort. Just slip it off when you hit the twisties so you have accurate throttle control.

I haven't used the Throttlemeister on my bike in ages, just the Throttle Rocker, and have actually been thinking about removing the Throttlemeister because of the occasional self-activation.

The other trick for right wrist relief is a big rubber o-ring that you roll up onto the space between the grip and the bar. There's a good photo of it here (along with some Throttle Rocker / Cramp Buster discussion):

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sharon:

I hated the fact that I could never see the impact of the electrical crap this bike has (1995 BMW K75) on the battery. I had a cheap after-market voltmeter installed (meter=$24) and mounted on the dash. Now I can see what the moto lights, the heated seat, and the other stuff is doing to the battery, when I hit a stop light. You'd be surprised, even with the 50amp alternator Fire Balls is carrying.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads