Monday, August 24

The Healing power of the sun...

Been dodging some curve balls lately. I won't complain. I guess if we don't get some occasional challenges we'll get out of shape and not be prepared for the really big stuff that inevitably comes along. 

Another sleepless night (well, I did get three hours). Woke up early and peered at the blackness outside. In the distance I could see a new day dawning. I dressed as fast as I could. Got my camera ready, geared up and left the house.     At 5:30 a.m., the road was whizzing by. 

As I rode northbound, high on LSD,* I peered to the east, my right side, and watched the sky transform from dark blue to soft reds and golden hues. Lake Michigan is east of the city. Any place along it, is a great setting to watch a new beginning each day.  (Click photo for better view)

My latest favorite spots to watch the sun present itself are near Wilson Avenue or Montrose Harbor. Wilson is best because the parking is readily available. When I arrived it was 5:47 a.m. According to the sunrise and sunset almanac, the sun would perform it miracle soon after 6:oo a.m. To catch the kaleidoscope of colors one needs to be on site early.

(Click photo for better view)

I found my favorite spot and prepared the Nikon D80. I waited while looking out on the lake, which still looks like an ocean to me.

I took picture after picture and in between I felt new energy as I watched the sun rise and the gulls' incessant racket overhead. By the time I left, I felt renewed. I had let go of the disappointment of having to cancel my weekend trip; I permitted myself to embrace whatever waited ahead today, tomorrow, next week.  Every where I wanted to ride, will still be there...waiting. 

*LSD=Lake Shore Drive


cpa3485 said...

It is a moment or two like you portrayed that make riding on 2 wheels so rewarding. It is so easy to not see it fully in a car.
Great pictures!

Unknown said...


I am a little saddened by your words. Perhaps "slave" isn't the right word but work is something that we need to do to fuel our outside activities. Sometimes other commitments come along to whittle the days away. I also didn't believe my eyes. "LSD" ??? NO NOT that stuff. I somehow thought you were emotionally drained and perhaps should not be riding in this condition.
We keep telling ourselves that another day will come along . . . and it will, but time cannot be replaced. We have to use it to the fullest and not let any go to waste
Cheer Up. Only 11 months to Redmond, OR. and for me only a days ride

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Yes, Jim...seeing from the seat of a two wheeler stretches our perspective, doesn't it. I like being out there...Thanks!

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...


Don't be too sad--"this too shall pass"...

Now you know that should you ever come to Chicago and people tell you to take LSD, you'll know that they mean Lake Shore Drve. ;-)

It is being able to get on my bike and even for a short ride, feel re-energized that is getting me through the deadlines and brain zapping, must-do tasks.

Thanks for your concern.

irondad said...

I've been to Chicago but can't remember for sure which is LSD. I went to a place near Soldier Field and dipped my hand in Lake Michigan. There's an aquarium or museum nearby on one side and some sort of fair or carnival in the other direction isn't there?

Is LSD anywhere near there

As to the disappointment and being open to new discoveries, I think we riders could write a very large book about that, don't you?

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...


You were indeed on or paralleling Lake Shore Drive! It is the road that follows the lake. So you've also "taken" LSD! ;-) I hope your "trip" was a good one.

You are so right, we could write a book on our experiences "seeing" life from the seat of two wheels.

Fleeter said...

Nicely done! How long have you been working with the seagull to have it perform on command for you?