Wednesday, January 14

We're ready--Almost!

Jesse Owens is nearing completion. Yay!!

A small nick I had on the right side of the bike (unrelated to the accident) is also being repaired. Chicago BMW estimated that it would cost $600 to replace the entire panel (my desire). I chomped on the bullet and ordered the panel. When the replacement panel finally arrived from BMW (Germany), it was damaged! Back it went. Glad I asked Morton BMW in VA, where Jesse's been since October, for an estimate. Their quote was $100 less than Chicago BMW. Morton also told me about a guy they "highly" recommend, who does repair and detail work. I went with him and saved a few bucks--and feel better that I helped keep a small entrepreneur in business. Some friends told me to leave the boo-boo alone because it gives the bike character--yeah, right. I wished their bikes similar character. If Jesse were an old bike, I might leave that mark alone, but I earned that scratch when the bike was barely a couple of months old--far too new to endure a blemish.

When Jesse comes home he will look new and that matters to me. I am still scratching my head over my "get off," so having Jesse flawless will be therapeutic. Jesse will sport new moto-like lights. Just when I was going to plop down my hard earned dollars for PIAA lights, I decide to go with Martin Fabrication lights, which were recommended by a trusted friend who knows about all this stuff. Come spring I will fly to VA and ride Jesse home. No date in mind yet, but I'm working on that. Since it might still be cold, Jesse will have a new, auxilliary fuse panel to plug in the winter jacket and pants--which I don't yet own--working on that too.CycleWorld Motorcycle Show makes a stop in Rosemont, IL in February. I will be there! It will be my third visit, Dave's first. The show has become symbolic for me. It means the ride season is around the corner. I am looking forward to serious motorcycle-ride therapy. I am still challenged by the demands on my energy and time. But I'm working to get free. The bones continue to heal--way too slowly for me. I really thought I'd be whole by now! I've accepted that it is only in my dreams that I'll get to do some cross-country skiing this winter. Oh well...this too shall pass. In the meantime, I'm doing all I can to embrace living in what feels like the arctic plain! We're under a weather advisory--nothing new here. We have heavy, whirrling snow, frigid temps, and a wind chill that will slap the skin off your bare face. Brrrrrrrr! Yes, Jesse and I are ready--almost.
Note: Liberty Mutual finally admitted their error and corrected the problem. Still, as soon as my insurance with them has expired, I will be looking for another company.


Unknown said...

Glad the body continues to heal. Jesse will anxiously awaite the reunion.

I will probably pass on the MC show this year. In the past, I have worked at the CMA booth on the Saturday morning. Given my life changes, I don't think I will get there.

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Hi Jeffry, Thanks for dropping by. I've been so self-absorbed lately that I've not checked the blogs I enjoy, one of which is yours. Thus, I'm unaware of your "life changes." I will check in on you...and send you good vibrations.

I'm teaching a course this (and next) quarter at your workplace and my alma mater. I thought of you while requesting some book for "e-reserve." Take care.

Unknown said...

Stop by the Reg anytime. I am usually on the reference desk 1-3 W-F. Aren't e-reserves the best? I know that the students love not having to come into the library to get chapters or articles.

Unknown said...

glad you're healing well, and in good spirits too. Winter will pass and spring will come along in its good time. (more healing time for you without the temptation to ride before you're due) We have also got our share of that white stuff, but the rain has washed most of it away. We most usually have a mild climate and can ride all year. So back to riding this weekend, as soon as the FOG lifts.

D. Brent Miller said...

You know, Sharon, you could be a little more excited about getting your motorcycle back. Try to cheer up. :)


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Pumpkin (And who but me would try and get away with that?)

I'm glad you're taking it easy. I am delighted to see something new here. I have been attempting to take your place, boring thousands of people with my tripe, while hoping to take up the slack. To no avail.

I was just checking the map, by coincidence, not that I really cared, and discovered that Fredericksburg is not more than 5 hours from Mac-Pac country. I could con a couple of the sports into joining me for a ride to Virginia. We could give you an all Beemer escourt north for a bit, if you liked.

This might not be a bad idea... A discreet group of kamikaze pilots, who'd be in range if they were needed. Remember how Dick and Pete ride? Help is only 50 miles ahead?

Sometimes peculiar things happen the first time you ride after a good dump. It's not alays a bad idea to have a little assistance available -- should you need it.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Jonathan said...

glad to hear that you and the bike are on the mend in the new year. It's cold here in Pennsylvania and spring can't come soon enough. We hit 48 the other day. Downright balmy. I almost rolled the /7 out, but thought better of it. There's a list of parts I need before I'm safe.

take care.

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Jeffry, thanks for the invite to Reg. I just might do that one day!

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

bobskoot, thanks. You're so right. I will be out there in due time. Hey, ride a few miles for me. I could use a two wheel outing just about now.

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Brent, if you only knew!! I have a friend in VA who has gone to the shop and reported back to me on Jesse. Jesse is ready to come home! THANKS.

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...
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Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Jack, I will let you know when I head out there. I am also going to contact you privately this weekend. Would love to swing by when I go to VA. Let's talk more...


Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Jonathan, PA has nasty weather like we do. But I must confess, I've been enjoying the winter--the longer it is (I'm being selfish, I know) the more time I have to get back to 100%. I go for long walks no matter the temps outside and have come to appreciate it.

I'm giving it 'til March 1 and then I'll be itching for two wheels and singing a different tune about this cold weather. Enough already! Take care!