Wednesday, May 2

Vinny to the rescue...

A public thanks to Vinny, fellow blogger, for pointing out that I inadvertantly duplicated several paragraphs during the formatting of the Starved Rock ride report. Stuff happens when you're sleep deprived and rushing off to work. I'm long-winded enough, no need to add even more to the blabber. THANKS, Blog Buddy!


Vinod said...

yeah, i've been there!

About your question about the throttle lock: you can get the Universal Vista unit to fit most bikes. Its pretty simple: a rubber fitting goes around the throttle and the switch tightens the hold on the throttle, holding it in position. You can override it by flicking the switch off with your thumb or by simply twisting the throttle back manually in an emergency. However, the unit is not linked in any way to the braking system. There are fancier throttle locks that will deactivate on applying the front brake from BrakeAway Products.

I think its a nifty little device, even though it can only hold speed steady of you are on a straight, flat road, it still gives the throttle arm a break.

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Vinny, I'm going to do a little attitude adjustment on this. I have one, but have been reluctant to try it. But it might be what I need to get through the SaddleSore I'm planning to do in August. Thanks for the info!