Thursday, August 24

Hairy situation...

Well, I survived the room from hell. Barely.

Despite being tired, I couldn't fall asleep. The ast time I checked the clock, it was after 3:30 a.m.. I woke up around 6:20 a.m. with more than a few aches from sleeping fetal position in one spot, in one of the dips. I had removed the quilt and blankets so they couldn't touch me. Still, I slept in my clothes. The shower? Definitely Bates Motel scary and the rubber mat is totally funky. I could remove it to take a shower but don't want to know what is underneath. It is a sink bath for me today. Glad I packed a set of towels, for the ones here are dingy; I held up to the light one of the two they provide and could see faint stains embedded in the cloth. I'm not a prima Donna but this place would even disturb the Charlie Brown character "Pig Pen."

But I made it through the night--didn't even freak when I found a hair in the bed this morning. No, judging from the color and texture, it isn't mine.

Heading out now but NOT soon enough.

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clairehelene7 said...

In a word: ew.