Wednesday, October 18

"Beauty IS in the eyes of the beholder"

This is not a pretty bike, like Queenie. But it is a behemoth on any road! Ninety-five percent of the roads I've met, I've ridden without hesitation. That 5% that I have avoided could be savoured with this baby!

This dualsport is a work horse--it can act the fool on any road surface. Its knobby tires will trek on dirt, sand, gravel, through water, like nobody's business. I remember one road on my Lake Michigan Circle Tour that kept beckoning to me. The red, sandy trail was oh, so tempting. I rode right up to its edge and thought, "What the heck, take it?" It was definitely off the beaten path--it looked so tantalizing. Then visions of sinking in that sand filled my head (I'd already had a few traction challenges with sand). Then the voice of self-preservation seethed, "You are alone, remember, don't be an imbecile!" I hate when that happens!

Had I this beauty, I would have aimed this incredibly functional, universal road-loving, lightweight beast at that road and enjoyed all its mysteries--and loved every minute of it. I want one of these! Badly!

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