Monday, June 15

Happy Ride to Work Day!

I am back from Portugal. Time flies when the shackles are off. 

This is the second consecutive RTWD that I've missed.  Before leaving for Portugal,  I dropped off Jesse Owens at Motoworks Chicago to get the Fuzeblock installed.  The shop isn't open on Monday so I'm bikeless. 

 If I walk slowly, I can make it to work in ten minutes so riding to work doesn't make much sense.  But if I had my bike, later, when rush hour had thinned, and the cabbies were on simmer and the streets were less angry, I'd hop on Jesse and make a ceremonial pass of the building and give it a little nod.  

Hope you were able to ride to work today or just ride to a favorite destination! 

Ride safe!


cpa3485 (JIM) said...

Since I ride to work almost every day already, the actual day has a little less meaning to me. But, I am definately an avid proponent of using 2 wheeled vehicles for everyday transportation. Glad you are back from Europe, and hope you had a great time.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sojourner (Sharon):

I've never seen it fail. No sooner did I get a standard voltmeter installed on my dash, than you posted an install using a digital one. I just had Centech fuse block installed (last winter) and I read you went with a Fuzeblock. I looked it up, and once again, I like yours better.


I have started my preparations for the BMW MOA Rally in Tennessee next month. These will include new tires, an oil change, and a headlight adjustment. I plan to get a compact Steble/Nautilusair horn installed too. I may also switch out the windshield.

I am staying at the Jameson Inn from Wednesday night on and will email you my cell number. I have been invited to a contributor's dinner for the BMW MOA magazine (Thursday night) but would look forward to introdsucing you to the Mac-Pac.

Fondest regards,
Jack "r" (Toad)
Twisted Roads

Fondest regards,

Sojourner rides said...

Jim, I too believe in two wheelin' it, which is why I sold my car a year ago. I joined a non-profit car sharing program. I have access to a car whenever I need one and from spring to early winter, the bike is my sole transportation for hitting the road.

I had a very nice time away. I'm paying the price now as the work really piled up. Oh well...such is life.

Sojourner rides said...


For a small discount given only to family and friends, I'm available for consulting. So before you lay out the dough next time, I'm here for you. ;-)

Contribute to the "Help Sharon leave the work rat race" fund!