Thursday, June 26

The Evils of Technology!

I have suffered a major computer disaster. A few weeks prior, I had a hard drive failure. The costs of recovering the data from the hard drive would require taking on a second job--it was my backup drive! The computer is in the shop and I won't have a diagnosis for two weeks. While I debate repairing it or just getting another one, I am forced to work with a couple of dinosaurs that are temperamental and slow. One of them treats photos as foreign objects to be routinely blocked no matter how friendly I define them. The other, handles pictures well but is so slow I can turn it on, shower, eat breakfast and it is still revving up.

A post I wrote a couple of days ago is now locked on the dying or dead computer. Bear with me as I sort out which of my remaining systems will cooperate enough to get a post out.

I am heading to Amherstburg, Ontario soon and hope to be up and running by then.

Ride safe! Ride smart!


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sharon:

There is nothing like a good set of computer woes to put life's misery in perspective. May I make a recommendation that you will never regret?

Get yourself a MaBook 13" Black. And get it with all the bells and whistles. As a professional writer -- who also trades pictures and videos with various sources -- this is the finest computer I have ever owned. And it was in one of the saddle bags that took the hit from the mini-van a year ago. The side-case was slammed to the ground and broken, but the computer ran as usual when it was turned on.

I;m not riding at present, considering I just popped my right knee. In fact, I can barely walk five feet. Both of my doctors are on vacation and it will be a few days more before I get this properly looked at. I suspect I will not be riding for the better part of July.

Regarding your last note to me concerning my friend "Dick." You have indeed stumbled across the hideous Mr. Bregstein. I had dinner with Dick and his wife Jane last week. The guys I ride with play rough. They would rather be eaten by hyenas than admit they hold me in God-like status. I met Dick in the federal witness protection program. All of his other friends are in Turkish prisons.

Fondest regards,

Sojourner rides said...

Jack, I'm sorry to hear that you're dealing with a knee issue! Sounds painful...

I've owned three Apple computers in my life. Each one was excellent. I've always oned a pc along with an apple--I'm ambi...but I have become increasingly disappointed with PCs.

Chicago has the best Apple Store in the world! It is less than three blocks from my part-time residence. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote out the configs I wanted on a macbook. I was hoping to avoid having to get one so soon, Jesse has been a hog with regards to new things. I've watched my pennies literally disappear. Today, Jesse got new Givi side luggage (BMW topcase a couple of weeks ago)--he looks downright stunning. We also have some amazing German levers--pricy but wonderful and the frame sliders, which were amazingly expensive! Why, I don't know. Next is a HyperPro suspension--I'm going try to get through this season on the stock suspension but that's got to change next season. So, see? This is why I was hoping to avoid another big ticket item--but hey...Kool-Aid is Kool-Aid!

Re: Dick. I should have known it was he who was in awe of you! What a rascal!