Thursday, August 24

Pics now, text later...

Glad I took pictures today--thought about skipping them. The ride was so spectacular that I did not want to stop for any reason. I stopped for gas only, didn't consume a meal until dinner time. I have got to remember to eat. Thank goodness for gorp or I'd starve out here.

There are no superlatives, no language even, to describe the roads here. I will, however, try later tonight. I am tired in a very good way. The lack of real sleep last night is taking me over


Anonymous said...

I see ur having such a wonderful time. Just stay away from Roadway Motels. It's part of Truckstop America that's frequented by low flying doves catering to lonely truck drivers. Anyway, Good luck on your ride and have lots of fun.

Flying Vulcan AL on a Moonbeam

Lucas (parrTT) said...

Great pics! Makes me long for home, so much. I got to take that trip next summer. Beautiful scenery. Hopefully your hotel situation improved greatly from the night before.