Thursday, August 17

Another use for Duct Tape?!

I should have known! After trying several brands, styles and various "ex-small" size ear plugs, I have found nothing that fits. It's the same with trying to find ear buds to my mp3 player. I've eventually given up on that front and returned to headphones. I have now accumulated enough ear buds to run a successful eBay store!

Price doesn't seem to matter as I've gone from expensive to cheap. Recently bought a moderately priced set at a drug store. Like the others, these rubbery ear cones looked like I'd finally found something that might work. These pliable, silicone, disposal doohickies could be rolled small enough (no creases, please) to fit into my microscopic ear canals. Yes!

I followed instructions, held the cones in until they were really in there. They slipped in perfectly. I held them there longer than suggested--because I know my ears. They'd spit these things out as fast as I can take my fingers away. This is where things usually fall apart. These unwelcoming ears need time to accept outsiders.

I released my finger from each ear, nothing... Yes! Then just as I started to breathe, I felt one ear canal squeezing the little bud. I hurriedly put on my helmet and waited...Oh, about a hot minute before I felt that ear muscle out the bud entirely. Both ears closed shop and ejected the foreign intruders! Patooie! --totally spitting them out! I felt one bud thud inside the ear socket of my helmet.

Mean-spirited ears that want me to go deaf for all those times I've stuck Q-tips inside them!

So the results of this newest test didn't really surprise me. I have neither the time nor the $$$ to find an audiologist to be fitted with custom-made ear plugs.

Hmm...Maybe that duct tape everyone tells me to take, will finally serve a very useful purpose!

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Claire said...

Sharon that's hilarious. Even your ear canals don't like people telling them what to do!

Have a GREAT trip!! I can't wait to see your pictures and read about your adventures.